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Electrolux Free Washer/Dryer Giveaway!

Kelli SargentSeptember 1, 2011

and in honor and support of all women

Here is one of the many reasons I run for her.

Hi run for her Supporters!

I am so excited and grateful about the Electrolux Washer Dryer Giveaway that we announced today to kick off Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month! I can’t begin to express how grateful we are to our Presenting Sponsors Electrolux and Pacific Sales for making this possible. There are no words to express the impact both these sponsors have had on ovarian cancer and their efforts to raise much needed awareness and money for the cause. THANK YOU!

It is super easy to enter into the contest and even better it is free!

The contest ends on November 10th and the winner will be announced at run for her on November 13th! Winner does not need to be present.

We will make a collage of all photo submissions in the Nanci’s Friendship Tent at run for her on November 13th

All you have to do to enter is:

  1. Register for the run for her blog
  2. Visit the contest page
  3. Choose an “I’m Participating because…” bib
  4. After choosing your bib, print it and personalize it!
  5. Take a photo of the bib or with you and the bib.
  6. Tell us why you run for her®.
  7. Submit your photo with the easy upload feature!

Would love to hear why you run for her…whether it is for you or someone you love, because you like to walk or run, love the socks…whatever your reason is share it with us here.

Questions: Email or call 323-866-6410

Thank you,


run for her, Founder

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